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Hey you guys, 

I go by Mo, which is short for MoIeshia.

I am a 24-year-old adventurer. I am also a Finance Officer in the United States Army National Guard, as well as a current graduate student at Mississippi State University, where I am working on my Masters of Business Administration.

I started traveling in 2015 at the age of 18 as a solo traveler. At that point in life, I was completely lost. I was extremely depressed over a failed relationship, failed classes, insecurities, and at that point, I was just completely over life. Traveling is how I found myself. It's what made me realize that the world is too big and beautiful to complain about everyday troubles. Traveling became life as I know it. It's my happiness, my peace, my go to when I'm down and out. 

 I have explored over 15 countries by myself and realized that I have a strong passion to travel. I now want to focus more on overcoming the narrative that traveling is expensive and unaffordable to help more people get out there and see how much this world has to offer, or more so what life has to offer. I am also focused on helping others travel who are not comfortable with traveling alone, but also those who don't have friends/family that are interested in traveling. 


All of the trips that I will be hosting will come with a low monthly payment plan to make these trips affordable. I am the most flexible and understanding person you could possibly deal with. There will be tons of amazing people on these trips who are similar to you. Like-minded individuals wanting to have fun and explore this huge planet God has gifted to us. 

I promise this would not be an opportunity you would want to miss.

Look forward to traveling with you. 



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